Boxing Ring ft. World

If you get knocked down, you better get the hell right back up

See the world is just like a big boxing ring,

Every jab you take, is crucial in making no mistake

Every uppercut you take, you bend your knees, twist on the side and…

The end is near...

It is not jewish people the problem, it is not the Jews, it is not the whole community, it is the Zionists ...

I met a jewish girl, a jewish pharmacist, a jewish doctor and the list continues, and we spoke about our countries and we…

Every day, society loses and “it” wins

Showed you to get paid fully naked and the rest, empty their semen and call it a win

Covered in clothes from head to toe is “forbidden”, yet undressed layer by layer seeing skin flesh is “forgiven”

She bought a building in 1…

I felt that I got stabbed by a sharp knife behind my back not too deep, though deep enough for the knife to stick on my back. It’s like everything that I try to do, just keeps disappointing her. I can’t make her happy for shit, one day she’s happy…

do we eat to live, or live to eat

do we drink to forget, or drink to cherish

do we pray cuz we want to, or cuz we need to

do we steal to give, or steal to survive

do we invest cuz is the trend, or invest for a…

Deep Ocean

It was chilly, then all of a sudden cold… The water seemed soothing to jump in, but God knows what was in underneath these waves. All sorts of creatures, big, small, discovered or yet discovered. Whales and whales, their tails diving in below, coming to breath on top…

That glimpse of wind blowing my googles off and shifting me left and right, oh was it pleasant. All huddled up 18 in a little plane with an engine capable of reaching high altitudes to launch us off, some might say daredevils in the sky, others might say crazy people.

What if the sun rose from the west?

What if hurricanes were god’s anger on us?

What if the rain was God’s tears & the sun was the smile of God towards Gods’ creations?

What if the rich were broke and the poor were rich, how would the world be?

We lie to our loved ones to protect them, but one lie is one and two is so many that they pile up & where does that bring us? Tricks , one for a joke and two that joke can be fatal & where does that prove us? People lie…


I write from the topics of reality to the wildest out of this world fantasies 👽

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